This months installment of our mixtape series is OUT NOW! Shout out to Kurezza for putting out an awesome for this October. Stream both the youtube & soundcloud links below and download here.

Posted 2 days ago

October 14th 2014: Stream 2 HSKY Tunes!

We have 2 HSKY tracks for you to listen to today! We hope these can hold you off for a little bit, so take a listen to the songs “Waves” and “Capricorn” below. Make sure you pre order the LP at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/yin-and-yang-crucifixion/id922397486 now!

Posted 1 week ago

October 6th 2014: matphilly Remix OUT NOW!

matphilly's remix of LeKidd's “Escada” is OUT NOW on Beatport! Check out the song below and pick it up at http://www.beatport.com/release/escada-matphilly-remix/1387411!

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September 29th 2014: Rossella Blinded’s “Beg My Par” Single OUT NOW!

Rossella Blinded’s new single “Beg My Par” with Philadelphia rapper Ryshon Jones is OUT NOW! Listen to it below and pick it up at http://www.beatport.com/release/beg-my-par/1365538

Posted 3 weeks ago

September 25th 2014: EXCLUSIVE! Preview Rossella Blinded’s “Beg My Par”

Electro Italia Network is premering Rossella Blinded's upcoming track “Beg My Par” on their soundcloud. Take a listen below and pick it up Monday on Beatport!

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September 24th 2014: HSKY LP Pre-Orders!

Pre-Orders for the HSKY LP have gone up. Make sure to order it at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/yin-and-yang-crucifixion/id922397486 for only $10.99! Check out the promo video below:

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September 22nd 2014: Welcome PHarmony to the family!


Hey everyone! Another announcement today! Please welcome PHarmony to the family! Expect his EP, which he is currently wrapping up, out next year. So far we love what we hear!

Make sure you tune in for our first full length announcement! Got lots of crazy things in the works!

Posted 1 month ago

September 16th 2014: Day Old EP OUT NOW!

Our first non-electronic release is OUT NOW! Peep Day Old's EP below and pick it up on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/day-old-ep/id896338959. You can also find it on Spotify, so go listen to it now!

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September 11th 2014: Welcome KUREZZA To The Family!

Hey everyone! Welcome Kurezza to the All The Hype family! He makes a bunch of great Trap music and will be releasing some stuff with us soon! Make sure you keep a look out for his music soon! In the meantime, check out a tune below:

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September 8th 2014: matphilly REMIX CONTEST!


Today we announce a REMIX CONTEST! matphilly's remix EP will be out in December and we are giving everyone the chance to remix “I'm Tired of Being a Local Celebrity”! Here's what you have to do:

1. Download the stems: https://www.facebook.com/matphilly/app_220150904689418 
2. Remix it
3. Upload to soundcloud and add to the group: https://soundcloud.com/groups/matphilly-im-tired-of-being-a-local-celebrity-remix-contest

Simple! All instructions are in the downloaded file. The will will recieve a spot on the Remix EP to be released on Beatport, iTunes, and 40+ stores! The submissions run until October 15th and we will announce the winner November 1st. Good luck!

Posted 1 month ago

September 3rd 2014: Welcome CREATURE To The Family!


We have a new signing to announce! Please welcome CREATURE to the family! He most produces Drum & Bass, but has ventured out more recently. We have an EP that should be coming out by the end of the year. Till then, check out a tune below:

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September 1st 2014: Britton Mix & September Releases!

Hey everyone! Welcome to September! Can’t believe we’ve been a label for 8 months! It’s been so awesome putting out music and we hope that you all like it! Today we start our month with our monthly mix series with our buddy Britton. He just reciently put out a single with T-Wrecks on our label (pick it up here: http://www.beatport.com/track/introid-original-mix/5593484) and comes with a mix to support it. Packed with Techno, Deep House & more, this is a great mix for all you bass heavy Techno heads. Check it out below and go download it for free:

In a couple of weeks, we will have our first release outside of EDM coming out. Day Old recorded a 6 song EP that blends amazing acoustic/folk jams that everyone will love. Check out a song below. We should have some more up shortly:

And last but no least, Rossella Blinded is back and man is she coming strong! Teamed up with rapper Ryshon Jones, she brought some serious heat. We should have a clip up soon. It’ll be out September 29th.

See you all soon!

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August 29th 2014: Welcome Vincent Paul To The Family!

Happy Friday everyone! We got yet another announcement! Please welcome Vincent Paul to the family! He’s our first Trance producer and we are excited to get some of his music out. Later this year, his single “Zero Gravity” will be coming out on the label, so be on the lookout for that! Till then, check out a song below:

We’re kicking September off quick with out mixtape series brought to you by Britton! So many good vibes on this mix. Get ready!

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August 25th 2014: T-Wreck & Britton Single OUT NOW!

The T-Wrecks & Britton single is OUT NOW on Beatport! Go listen below and pick it up @ http://www.beatport.com/release/introid/1337123 NOW!

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August 21st 2014: Welcome GNOSIS to the family!

Hey everyone! We would like to announce a new member to the family! Please welcome Gnosis to the family! He specializes in a bunch of music such as Techno, Tech House, Deep House and Future Bass. He’s currenly wrapping up some stuff for us to release, but take a look at a tune below to see what he has in store for you:

Talk to you soon!

Posted 2 months ago